In-Person Meetups are back! FileMaker Case Study

In-Person Meetups are back!

Appsmith hosted the October 2022 meetup for the FileMaker Sydney Dev group - the first in person meet-up for the group in over two years. Our office seemed like the perfect venue - we have a meeting room, a pizza shop downstairs and a fridge full of beer!

The night started with drinks on our back deck. It was great to catch-up with people from the FileMaker community after so long in lockdown.

Joel Katz from Claris kicked off the presentations with a session introducing Claris Pro and Studio, and Claris’ strategy over the next few years as they transition to the new Claris platform.

John Pashley had an informative session, bringing everyone up to speed on the new features introduced by Claris over FileMaker 19.2 - 19.5. Claris has ben releasing new features faster than ever before, so it was great to get a recap of the many new improvements released over the last 18 months.

After a break for pizza, Andrew Duncan talked about optimising parsing JSON Arrays using the JSONGetElement Function, which is an important topic as we work with APIs. This was followed by a tag-team demonstration of Claris Studio by Andrew Duncan and John Pashley.

Talk (and drinks) extended until after 11pm, which is a great indication of a successful meetup in our book. We’re looking forward to hosting these meet-ups on a more regular basis.

Intrerested in joining our Meetup? See the the Sydney FileMaker Dev meetup page for more details.