Project Update July - Sep 2022 FileMaker Case Study

Project Update July - Sep 2022

We've recently completed an interesting project for a long-time client.

Shillington College have campuses in Australia, the UK and USA. Previously each region has had it’s own database system, but the college wanted to move to a single student management system for all regions.

“This will allow us some efficiencies in responding to queries across timezones, and also make it easier to analyse our data across regions.”

However, a major issue with connecting to FileMaker database services across the globe is latency. It's a long way from Australia to the US, and the data travelling across the globe slows down the user experience dramatically.

To solve this, Appsmith made use of an innovative product called MirrorSync from 360Works. We've used this product before for syncing databases to mobile phones that need offline connection. In this instance, we used it to synchronise three FileMaker servers on different continents.

There were also challenges in migrating business logic that was specific to each region. Things like qualification requirements, currencies, address and phone number formats.

The end result is a single database solution that supports all campuses around the world.