Project Update: Oct-Dec 2022

Our team have been busy wrapping up projects as we approach the Christmas break. Here’s a recap of what we’ve been working on...

Redevelopment of a vintage architecture database

We helped a long-time client rebuild their home-grown FileMaker solution to provide a more robust architecture, while also designing a new user interface to meet the discerning standards of their growing Gen Y teams.

The system had been developed over years by the business owner and had served the business well over this time, helping the architecture firm grow internationally. But the system was starting to show it’s age.

“Staff keep asking why the database screens were so small. They were designed to fit on a Macintosh SE!” said the business owner and database developer.

“I only had 512 pixels to work with!”

Appsmith helped by resigning the user interface to take advantage of today’s widescreen displays. Not only does it look great, but it’s given us a chance to completely rethink their workflow.

The previous solution was designed before we had the ability to have related tables. Appsmith merged many of the seperate database files which allowed much simpler data entry, making use of the latest FileMaker features including card windows, popovers and virtual lists.

“The staff love the new user interface. We’re already seeing new possibilities for what we can do with the data”

Helping build robots

We have a client that makes robots.

They had an existing bespoke job management system that was no longer supported and could no longer be updated. They decided to start fresh, choosing to work with us on a new FileMaker based system to give them total control over their operations.

Over the last 12 months we’ve worked together to build a comprehensive job and inventory management system, which they’ve named ‘WorkRight’.

Workright handles their contact management, tracks projects from quote through to invoicing, along with management of inventory and custom components.

The system has also been designed to work with multiple interstate divisions of the business. It can import website orders, and also integrates with MYOB.

We’re excited to continue working on the system and honing it to the precise needs of the business.