ABC Bullion FileMaker Case Study

ABC Bullion

ABC Bullion have been using FileMaker to manage their business since 2003. The solution covers their retail operation, hedging, refining, and wholesale operations. The ABC solution pulls data from financial market feeds every 5 minutes, updates product pricing within the system and then writes the data the ABC’s website.

Since 2012, Appsmith have been working with ABC Bullion as their FileMaker partner. Working with their Sydney-based operations manager, workflows were optimised and new processes were introduced. Leveraging FileMaker Go on iPads, Appsmith reduced the daily stocktake process from 80 minutes to 10 minutes. Appsmith built an iPad-based point of sale system - it allows floor staff to assist their customers in the showroom to select appropriate products, lock in prices and produce an invoice – without leaving the customer. Appsmith continues to work with ABC to tailor the application to suit the business’ ongoing expansion into new markets.

"Jim's input into our Filemaker software has been invaluable. He quickly understood our complex business, working closely with our teams to streamline processes, building robust systems and cleverly moving us onto iPads, making our whole business flexible, adaptable and client friendly. We've thrown away the paper, gone fully electronic, mobile and more efficient. They are a valuable asset to our business as well as just being a great team to have around!”