D&D Traffic Management FileMaker Case Study

D&D Traffic Management

D&D Traffic Management is a highly experienced company specialising in traffic management and traffic control services. They provide planning and design services, project management, and onsite traffic control personnel. To support the complex scheduling of hundreds of onsite crew, Appsmith built D&D a business management solution for their operations. The result of this development is WorkSite Pro and WorkSite Live. FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go have been used to create a scalable, integrated solution that supports all areas of the business.

Worksite Pro is a desktop based system which possess the powerful ability to manage Traffic Management Projects by integrating key functions such as:

  • Human Resources, Crew Allocation & Payroll
  • Safety & Training - Asset Management
  • Invoicing
  • Purchasing & Supplier Management

Worksite Live is a iPad App running with FileMaker Go, which allows staff to capture all onsite data & synchronise it directly to WorkSite Pro for instant processing – creating a “paperless” work environment whilst streamlining operational and administrative functions including time sheet reporting, invoicing and payroll.

D&D produced a video to showcase their technology to their clients - we are proud to showcase it here: