Shillington College FileMaker Case Study

Shillington College

Shillington College was started when Andrew Shillington was having trouble recruiting talented junior designers fresh out of college. They were full of great ideas but many seemed to lack the high-end computer skills, practical knowledge of design theory and the ability to meet the design industry’s challenging deadlines. For Andrew the only logical conclusion was to recruit the best designers he can find and create a course that covers everything that he, and other employers, will need in a junior designer.

Shillington College now has campuses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as colleges in New York, London and Manchester.

Appsmith developed a custom FileMaker Student Management System that manages students, enrolments and courses, as well as integration with their website and the MailChimp email service for keeping students informed.

"Their work on our custom Student Management System using FIleMaker has allowed us to seamlessly integrate our data with the complex AVETMISS requirements. Jim and John are like an extension of our Shillington team…"